GAMLA TIMA - Maístjarnan

Maístjarnan, Fall 2016, Paris, France

This arrangement is inspired by the Icelandic eletro-indie band Samaris.

This track will be followed by 3 others for an upcoming EP called "GAMLA TIMA" (old times). 


Voice: Auriane Oster
Guitar: Louis RemyKeybord,
Drums, synths, loops, arrangement : Christian Helgi
Cor anglais, bass clarinet, saxophone soprano, flute in G: Daniel Beaussier

Recorded & mixed at 24 Studio in Paris by Christian Helgi Beaussier
Photo : Christian Helgi Beaussier

Below is Magnus Magnusson's translation of the words, as found in Halldór Laxness's World Light.

Oh, how light are your footsteps,
And how long I awaited there;
There is hail at the window
And a cold wind that whines.
But I know of a bright star,
Of a bright star that shines,
And at last you have come here,
You have come here to me.

 These are difficult times, dear,
There is squabbling and strife;
I have nothing to offer,
Not a thing I can give,
Except my hopes and my life,
dear,Every moment I live:
This one thing you gave me,
That's my all, dear--my life.

But tonight the winter is over
For every toiling hand
And the sun wil shine tomorrow--
It is their summer sun.
It is our summer sunshine,
It is our life begun;
And for you I shall bear the banner
Of this our future land.

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