Ljós, “light” in Icelandic, is a music and visual project by Christian Helgi, Franco-Icelandic multi-instrumentalist & photographer.

Fully based on improvisation from jazz influence but integrating traditional music processes, with post-rock, ambient and electronic music esthetics.

Impressionist layers of winds, percussion, synths, strings, electronics and sounds of nature are channeled together in a tribute to the elements : earth, water, air, fire and void. An invitation to elevation. The result is a set of musical landscapes, with a focus on colors, space and texture.

First album will be released in 2023.  Joined by Tim Garson and Charles St Dizier and guests. 

Influences: Sigur Ros, Samaris, Hjalmar, Pharoas Sanders, Alice Coltrane, Jack de Johnettes, Carbon Based Lifeform, BCUC, Philip Glass. 

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