Nordic Remix is about bringing creatives from different Nordic countries together, to learn from one another’s stories and reflect on our blended identities.

In December 2021, Are We Europe gathered a team of musicians and storytellers from different countries in Sisimiut, in Greenland. We explored what it means to make art and tell stories, and how our different backgrounds influence what we create.

In one week, we musicians shared our languages, our inspirations, and our traditions to build a unique, shared sound and

We collaborated with Arctic Sounds whose mission is to showcase Greenlandic artists, generate greater interest in the art being made on the island and host collaborations to bridge gaps between Greenland and other Nordic countries. 

With Sara Ajnnak, Lo ‘Lucky Lo’ Ersare, Gustav ‘Tûtu’ Lynge Petrussen, Bjørn Ànte Røe, Christian Helgi, Francesca Vincentie

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